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Ryedale Business Awards 2018

On the 8th December 2017 I was contacted by Anna Lupton founder of 'Ryedale Business Awards' with a message attached saying 'You may like to look at Ryedale business Awards you may see something of interest. Kind Regards Anna'

Winter Shredding!

Winter Shredding - Oh how fun! After a busy Spring/Summer on the trails spending my time coaching and working with lots of individuals, now it's a time I can work on my own skill level. And what a perfect time for that, muddy, snowy, icy trails, all the conditions that a lot of people dislike riding their bikes in, however I LOVE IT!

The Weapon Of Choice – Niner Jet 9 RDO

All the trail bikes out there, why the Niner Jet 9 RDO? From a young age I always use to look at pretty pictures off full suspension bikes and drool, thinking one day I will be rolling the trails on something spectacular like those bikes

Behind The Tape – Cross Country Racing

Yesterday 26th March 2017 saw the first round of the Nutcraker MTB Racing Series hosted at Dalby Forest (my local training ground)

Insight to Enduro!

I like it! After racing Mountain Bike cross country for 5 years I've always watched Downhill and Enduro racing and been keen to catch up on the race results