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Check out our latest brand to our Malton store, take a read of what this brand means to us and where we hope to take it in the next few years!

The news is out! We are over the moon to announce our latest brand to our Malton store, Santa Cruz Bicycles – We can’t believe it either!

From day one of opening No Limits Cycling, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to achieve. From the layout of the shop, to brands we were passionate about stocking. I wanted to create a relaxed, welcoming feel to the shop offering a sofa area for customer to relax, enabling us to engage with clients. If you’re not in a rush we offer coffee and give you plenty of time to talk bikes and pick our brains.

As the shop grew and we got more brands in, space did become a concern however we still have the sofa area and welcome all our customer to enjoy our bike shop – the old traditional way.. If you just want to call in and browse products with a coffee that is cool with us. We are in the industry for the passion and love of the sport and are more than happy to spend all day chatting about bikes and exchange riding stories!

The brands we stock are brands we love! There’s not one brand in store which we haven’t had expieriance with or ran on our own bikes past or present. We believe it’s easier to sell products we have a genuine connection with and can give you honest feedback. A Mountain Bike brand isn’t something we rushed in to, it’s taken us half a year to commit to a bike brand, which is one of the biggest steps yet.

Santa Cruz are on the majority of all our dream bike lists, including mine. Although I have never owned a Santa Cruz before I have dreamed and drooled about the bikes! When we were told that Jungle Products (UK Distributor) had accepted us as becoming a stockist it was safe to say we were very EXCITED! Although I was nervous at the time, what if I didn’t like how the bikes rode …

The first demo bike we had in store was a Santa Cruz Blur – 29er race machine which a customer was demoing. We had it for a week meaning I could get across to Dalby Forest for my first ever demo on a Santa Cruz. My background is MTB Cross Country Racing so I was excited to try it out, although for the past 6 years I have raced on hardtails I was blown away by how well the Blur pedalled! Up the first climb my jaw was on the top tube with a MASSIVE grin! I now race Enduro and ride a 160mm travel Enduro bike but I have fallen back in love with XC, riding a 100mm travel full suspension!! I kept attacking and the bike kept performing outstandingly, then BOOM .. My fitness started to show, I was that excited about the bike I forgot that I haven’t raced competitively or trained in over 2 years! Although the bike is FAST, it also rides surprisingly well and comfortable at a slower pace – Mint! After I recovered I started upping the pace and talking to trees letting them know how good this bike is! It felt planted on the descents but felt agile enough to transition across lines, putting the bike where you want it. After the test ride I was in love with the blur wanted one – Great news .. And that was only a 100mm full travel bike, couldn’t wait to try a bigger bounce bike.

The next demo we had in was a 5010, 130mm travel full suspension, and you guessed it, I took that straight out for a play .. Once again – MASSIVE grin! If you want to be happy in life buy a 5010! It’s the most playful bike I have ever ridden, pedals amazingly, descents even better! The VPP (Virtual pivot point) linkage that Santa Cruz run allows you to travel through your suspension a lot more efficiently and works really well! I tried the 5010 back to back with the Bronson 150mm and for my riding and what I want to achieve out of the bike the Bronson came out on top – Head over to our Youtube Channel to see why – .

I have also build a customer Santa Cruz Jackal – If you’re a Mountain Biker I would advise a DJ bike, it will transform your riding, helping you increase flow on the trails, also the Jackal with advance your skills massively which you can then transfer on to your MTB. Our Jackal is a demo bike, so anyone out there that would like a test ride, please get in touch!

The next bike to store is a Tallboy 120mm so stay tuned for a test ride review on our Youtube Channel. Then coming to store very shortly, we have a Chameleon hardtail, which you will find on our Instagram and Facebook @nolimitscycling.

So there you have it – We are a VERY proud stockist of Santa Cruz Bicycles and going forward into next year we hope to have a full fleet of Santa Cruz Bikes in store for you all to test ride and get as exited as I did about them!!

For now, thanks for reading!

Happy Riding and hope to see you all soon!

Ben – Owner of No Limits Cycling

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