Ryedale Business Awards 2018

On the 8th December 2017 I was contacted by Anna Lupton founder of ‘Ryedale Business Awards’ with a message attached saying ‘You may like to look at Ryedale business Awards you may see something of interest. Kind Regards Anna’

My first reactions were ‘I think I’ve already been nominated for that’, but thought I’d just check out their Facebook page to see, only to find out that ‘No Limits Cycling’ had been shortlisted for Young Entrepreneur 2018, along with ‘Yo Bake House’ and ‘Maid In Ryedale’!

WOW! I couldn’t believe that I had been recognised out of all the companies that were put forward for the Award and to be up against my favourite coffee shop – ‘Yo Bake House’ was pretty spectacular. To know that people are interested in what you are doing in Ryedale and want to show you some recognition for doing so is a very special feeling. Being solo running No Limits, the only feedback and involvement I get are from customers and followers so to be judged and acknowledged by people I don’t personally know gives me a feeling of achievement.

As the weeks passed by and Christmas/ New Year celebrations were out of the way I started counting down the day to Ryedale Business Awards which took place on Tuesday 30th January 2018. It’s safe to say I am a competitive person however as I didn’t put myself forward for these Awards it was different.. Although it wasn’t really, I had made the top 3 (podium position) .. I now wanted that 1st place! 😉 I spoke to friends and family a LOT about the Awards and what it would mean to me if I won! But there wasn’t a time I actually thought I would. Personally I thought ‘Yo Bake House’ would take the Award .. They’ve done very well and like so deserve some recognition. As I’m sure ‘Maid In Ryedale’ do too.

The 30th January soon came around and I woke up that morning feeling very nervous, I travelled to the event with family and friends and met my good friend – Will Summers director of (MWAM Specialist Engineers) at the event who came to show his support. The event took place at ‘The White Swan’ in Ampleforth where we were treated to a lovely cooked breakfast. As we tucked into our breakfast, chatting away and enjoying the beautiful food the Awards started. At this point my food wasn’t going down as well as the nerves were staying to eat away. The Award I was nominated for was the first Award to be announced … AND THE WINNER IS … ‘NO LIMITS CYCLING’, I froze, mum dropped her toast and Will patted me on the back .. That was a massive shock! We were seated in the other room so I had a bit of a walk through to the room where the Awards were been presented. Everyone was so kind as I walked through, clapping and cheering .. It was a good feeling! After all the awards were presented we all headed outside for some pictures and then for myself it was a case of taking the day off work to celebrate properly. A lot of alcohol was consumed in the taking of this award, and rightly so!!

I would like to thank Anna Lupton and everyone involved in Ryedale Business Awards, including the judges, staff, sponsors and everyone else who makes the event so successful. Also William Oxley and Charles Cracknell for the nomination and all their support. I would also like to take this time to thanks and promote The John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank which is a Youth Enterprise Bank for business owners under 21. Starting a business can be very financially worrying and to get a handful of money eases that stress, The John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank is based in Hull but as of last year they stayed covering Ryedale, Myself, Will Summers of ‘MWAM Specialist Engineering’ and Joe Foxton of ‘Beyond Average’ were the first 3 in Ryedale to receive the grant and so could you if you are 21 or under. For further information click here.

These events give you the motivation, confidence and drive to push your business forward and for me so many positive outcomes have come from Winning the Award. Including some VERY exciting news coming SOON! What a privilege to have been involved in such a highlighting event! Well done to everyone who was nominated for an award and to all the winners!

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