Flow & Cornering

Course Insight

  • Gaining confidence and speed throughout the day.
  • Learning what ‘flow’ is and where and how to apply the technique.
  • Learn the different corner types and how to ride the corners properly using the correct technique
  • Learn the importance of line choice and reading a trail.

Course Outcome

  • Leaving the course with more confidence.
  • Knowledge of different corners and knowing which technique to apply.
  • A different approach to single track riding.
  • Riding faster through corners and finding flow on single track trails.

Course Details

Age: 18+
Price: £65
Duration: 6 hours
Capacity: 6 riders
Ability: Advanced

If Group sessions aren't for you, we run 1:1 sessions and 1:2 sessions all the time. Specifically tailored to suit you required needs. Click below for more information on 1:1 bookings.

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